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Cost of Log Home Versus Conventional Frame House

Perhaps due to the way log kit manufacturers advertise, potential log home builders sometimes get the impression that building a log home can be done cheaply or that it is an easier way to build a house than traditional frame houses. The truth is that even with a kit, you can expect to spend 5% to 50% more than with a conventional frame house.

Why the difference?

First off, logs are more expensive than Sheetrock and dimensional lumber. Also, labor is more specialized. Simply because log homes are rarer, it's harder to find people who are experienced in building them. This usually means a higher labor cost.

Also, log homes tend to have more custom features. Just look in any log home magazine or book and you'll see pictures replete with unique stairways, cathedral ceilings, extensive built-in wood shelves and cabinets, huge windows, and stylish wraparound decks.

But really, what did you expect? All it takes is one tour of a handsome log home to realize it's a much grander looking structure than your typical house! It usually only takes one tour to fall in love and know that's the kind of home you want, too. 

Source: 2004 Log Home Workbook from Log Homes Illustrated

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