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The Jacques House, a 3,000 sq. ft. Log Home with Indoor Pool

Friday, November 17th, 2006

jacques houseIf you dream of having a log home and you dream of having an indoor swimming pool downstairs, you can have both (properly sealed, logs apparently do fine in rooms made a bit humid by standing water). The Jacques House from the Original Log Cabin Homes company features almost 3,200 square feet of living space, which includes 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a loft, and room for a pool if you’re willing to take on the extra costs of building one.

The company offers a variety of options, and you can customize your home by selecting your wood type. “Western Red Cedar, Northern White Cedar, Eastern White Pine, and Bald Cypress are the most popular choices.”

You can “tour” the home on the builder’s site. There are pictures of the kitchen, den, living room, and pool.

Cute Log Cabin Plans

Sunday, October 15th, 2006

cute log cabin plansLast week, I pointed out house plans for a log mansion (or pretty darned close), but it’s a foregone conclusion that such a giant home isn’t in the cards for many (and really… who’d want to be responsible for keeping something that big clean, anyway?). So this week, we’ve got a picture of a smaller log home. It’s not as tiny as the original log cabins, but at just under 1,500 square feet, it’s probably manageable (and affordable) for most families.

This one is called the Westbrook, and it’s available from Lincoln Logs (no, not the toy logs we all had as a kid… this is a log home company by the same name). I like this one because it looks like a cute little barn (I’ve always dug homes built out of converted barns) with 1.5 stories, 3 bedrooms, and 1.5 bathrooms. Information on buying the floor plans are available at the company’s web site:

A Log Home Mansion — This Sucker Is More Than 5,000 sq. ft.

Sunday, October 1st, 2006

grandview log home mansionSo, you want to live in a big log home, do ya? Where here you go:

The Grandview is a 5022 square foot log home (perhaps a home that size deserves the title mansion?) with “an abundance of luxurious features” such as: “A generous master suite, with complete ensuite bathroom and walk-in closet, occupies an entire wing of the home. A unique sunken living room is overlooked by the formal dining room; both with direct access to the wide sundeck. The spacious kitchen features a center island, curving peninsula, and large enclosed pantry.”

Now I’m a fan of small homes myself (who’s going to clean a monster that size), but this one doesn’t look too ostentatious. I really like those big windows looking out over what I’m guessing is a magnificent view. If it were my dream home, though, I think I’d want a little more deck. I like those big wrap-around ones myself.

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