Faux Wood Deer Head

fake wooden deer headSo, you feel a log home needs a deer head mounted over the fireplace, but you’re not a hunter, and you don’t want any wildlife killed for your house decorations. No problem. No animals were harmed in the crafting of this carved wooden deer head from the Curiosity Shoppe. Life-like and life-sized, the faux heads are available for $450. If you want your fake head to look a little more realistic, you’ll have to paint it yourself (or hire someone to), but if you don’t mind the wood look, and you’re not trying to fool anybody, you can mount it as it is.

Curiosity Shoppe

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  1. Tom Says:

    Not being a hunter, but wanting a deer mount to hang in our log home, I shot mine on eBay. Believe it or not I bought an 8 point buck on eBay for less than $40.00. Just another idea for people looking for an accent they don’t want to shoot themselves.

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