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Introductory Articles

Your Log Home Dream: Getting Started
Types of Wood Used in Log Homes
Energy Efficiency in Log Homes
Does Climate or Location Matter?
Are Log Homes Fire Hazards?

Costs & Financing

Financing Log Homes
Cost of Log Home vs Conventional Frame House
Building a Log Home: Cutting Costs
Log Home Kit Prices
Make Money Renting Your Log Vacation Home

Log Homes Maintenance

About Log Home Maintenance
Shrinking and Settling
Cracks in Your Log Home, Should You Worry?
Are Insects a Problem with Log Homes?
Are Log Homes High Maintenance?

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The Log Home Building Process

Hire an Architect or Not?
Log Home Kits: What to Ask before Buying
Why Add a Basement to Your Log Home?
Choosing the Right Fireplace for Your House or Cabin

About Contractors

Hiring Subcontractors For Your Log Home 
Acting As Your Own Contractor, Good or Bad?


Log Homes Made Easy
The Log Home Plan Book
Hands-on Log Homes

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